How to Use Torus Wallet

How to Use Torus Wallet

Everyone who wants to participate in the crypto space—such as buying, trading, receiving or selling tokens—needs a crypto wallet. A crypto wallet is a medium, usually in the form of an app, that allows you to hold your crypto assets and keep them safe. It works the same way your physical wallet does, only instead, it is usually a mobile or web application.

Due to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain, there are many cryptocurrency wallets available today. However, as the landscape is quickly growing and changing, many people are now looking for a multifunctional wallet. Meet Torus wallet.

Torus Wallet

Torus is an example of a crypto wallet that allows you to store your digital assets and make transactions with them whenever you want. However, it has more features and does more, than the average crypto wallet.

Torus allows users to access NFT platforms, decentralized exchanges, and other Web 3.0 applications with a one-click login system. The wallet allows this access through its decentralized app (DApps) feature.

Torus wallet also ensures that users can access these platforms by using their login information from their social media and personal accounts such as Facebook, Google, and Discord. This means that you don’t have to memorize passwords and login details for the wallet. According to the user's documentation issued by the wallet, the wallet aims to provide smooth and seamless access to decentralized applications.  

The Benefits of Using Torus Wallet

As mentioned, there are many crypto wallets available on the market. However, many lack innovative features and aren’t updating quick enough to meet the changing landscape of cryptocurrency. Torus wallet is different. Here are some of the benefits of using Torus wallet:

Seamless Access to DApps

With the growth and development that has been witnessed in the cryptocurrency world, the use of cryptocurrency wallets has transcended keeping digital wallets safe. Crypto wallets today can do so much more and Torus wallet is at the forefront of this revolution. The wallet allows users to access numerous decentralized applications and platforms to get more out of the blockchain technology and DeFi ecosystem.

Strong Security

Another important consideration when choosing a crypto wallet is the security it offers. This is very important given the rate of hacking and asset theft that has riddled the crypto world in recent times.

Torus uses a special security feature that ensures that your digital assets are not only safe, but only you can also access these assets and make transactions. The wallet uses a mechanism that splits the user’s private key across numerous nodes, and in situations when the user needs to retrieve the key, they can do so by using the social authentication mechanism.

Free and Transparent

While this is true for many crypto wallets, it bears mentioning that Torus offers a more transparent system. The wallet makes money through developers that use the wallet beyond the free tier. This means; you can use the wallet for free as long as you’re just storing digital assets, carrying out transactions, and accessing DApps. However, transactions on the blockchain have fees, and this is true for all wallets

How to Use Torus Wallet

Using Torus wallet is simple and easy. Let’s take a look at how to download it, how to login, and how to make a transfer.

Using Google Chrome, or the browser of your choice, you can download the Torus wallet extension and access your wallet anytime. Here’s how to do it:

  • Download the zip file here
  • Launch Google Chrome on your computer and input chrome://extensions/
  • On the page displayed, enable developer mode by toggling the option on the top right-hand corner
  • Click on the “load unpacked” option on the top left-hand corner
  • Choose the downloaded folder and open it

How to Login to Your Torus Wallet

Logging in to your Torus wallet is very easy. The steps are:

  • Go to and sign in with your preferred social or personal accounts. Social media platforms, or accounts, allowed include Google, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Reddit, and Twitch.
  • After choosing your preferred social account, a new page will pop up and you will need to input your credentials and complete the 2FA verification.
  • Regardless of the social account selected, the process remains the same.

Here is a short YouTube video to walk you through the process

Making Transfers with Torus Wallet

After logging into your Torus wallet, you can easily send crypto assets to another wallet. The steps involved are as follows:

  • Go to the Transfer page by clicking on the “Transfer” option on the top of the wallet
  • Select the type of cryptocurrency you wish to transfer
  • Input the receiver’s details such as their Address, Google Account, Discord ID, Reddit Username, or ENS Domain
  • Save the receiver’s address to your contact book for future purposes
  • Input the amount you intend to transfer, it could be the value in crypto or fiat
  • Select your preferred transaction fee, based on the speed you want
  • Click on ‘Transfer’ to complete the transfer

Here is a short video that will take you through the process.


The need for a multifunctional wallet has never been more important. The crypto world is witnessing unprecedented growth, adoption, and development. As a result, there is a new need for wallets that do more than store crypto assets. Torus wallet has provided the perfect wallet for this purpose.