Reef 2023 Roadmap: Plans to Rank among the Top L1 Blockchains in the Middle East!

Reef 2023 Roadmap: Plans to Rank among the Top L1 Blockchains in the Middle East!

Reef Chain has quickly positioned itself as one of the industry’s most reliable, secure and feature-packed blockchain networks. Our aim is to now become one of the top 10 blockchains worldwide by 2024.

While we work tirelessly towards our goal, we’re excited to share with you the updated Reef chain roadmap for 2023.

Our new roadmap focuses on 4 key areas – user experience, platform features & performance, ecosystem growth and developer support. We are confident that with our continued focus and development in these 4 sectors, we will quickly position Reef Chain as the industry’s go-to blockchain for both developers and Web3 users.

Here’s a walkthrough of what’s in store for you in the Reef 2023 roadmap.

User Experience

Reef Mobile Wallet

We will launch the Reef mobile wallet soon, which will allow you to access the power of Reef Chain right from your pocket. Sending or receiving tokens on the native Reef chain will be as simple as logging into your favorite app from your smartphone now. The wallet also comes integrated with the most used dApps such as DEXes and NFT marketplaces.

Mobile UI Kit

The mobile Reef UI kit will contain built-in tools and components which will tremendously reduce the technical barrier for building mobile dApps on Reef Chain. The mobile kit will also have a consistent design language and support for popular mobile frameworks.

Trading Friendly DEX UI

Exchanges are the bloodline of the blockchain industry, and we’re on our way to building one of the best DEX UIs on Reef Chain. The DEX will offer high liquidity and showcase the full strength of Reef Chain, fulfilling orders in less than a minute at next to nothing gas fees.

NFT Marketplace

Sqwid was the first NFT marketplace to go live on Reef Chain. There are more NFT marketplaces coming to Reef where you will be able to view and purchase digital artworks by some of the finest artists out there. NFT artists and art collectors will have another reason to dive into the Reef Chain this year.

Platform Features & Performance

On-chain Governance

Decentralization is one of the core values of the Reef team. Reef community members are already able to nominate validators as part of on-chain governance, and this year we’re going to extend it. Community members will have a voice in all the decision making related to the Reef Chain governance, and with time, the entire responsibility of governance will be passed on from the Reef team to the Reef community.

DAO Tooling

Managing the Reef DAO will be an involved process. Rest assured, we won’t just pass on the responsibility of governance, but we’ll also empower our community by providing all tools and applications which will be essential for seamlessly governing and managing the Reef Chain.

ZK Research Team

ZK (Zero Knowledge) proofs can significantly enhance the security of a blockchain network, which has motivated R&D teams of major blockchain networks to research their feasibility. We at Reef are also in the process of building an in-house team of ZK experts, to find how these techniques can be used to make Reef Chain even more secure.

Moving ahead, our team of experts would decide on the next steps required for successfully implementing a ZK-EVM chain, which will allow developers to use the same code and tooling that they use on Ethereum, but at much lower fees and with much higher throughput.

MultiVM Support

Reef has been written in Rust and is already EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible, allowing developers to easily migrate their existing dApps from Ethereum to Reef. Now, we are working to make Reef Multi-VM compatible. This will make Reef even more popular among Web3 developers, and they will be able to move or port their applications seamlessly from major blockchain networks to Reef Chain.

Multichain Bridge

Interoperability with other blockchain networks is essential for the holistic development of the blockchain industry. Team Reef is adding support for Multichain bridge which would connect Reef Chain with other major blockchains. Once deployed, users will be able to bridge their assets to and from Reef Chain in a fast, smooth and cost-effective manner.

Reef dApp Store

Some of the most talented and skilled developers have deployed their dApps on Reef Chain, and many more exciting dApps are on their way. We will be launching the Reef dApp store, where users will be able to see and access the dApps deployed on Reef Chain all in one place.

This will immensely help users to track, analyze and even discover new decentralized applications best suited to their requirements. As the Reef ecosystem keeps on expanding, the Reef Store will play an exceedingly important role in keeping users updated with the latest dApps that make their way over here.

dApp Tooling

We want to lower the technical barrier of deploying dApps as much as possible. So, we’re providing a list of dApp tools – building blocks which can be used by developers directly in their applications. The use of dApp tools will significantly reduce both time and effort, and allow developers to focus more on innovating and bringing their vision to life.

Ecosystem Growth

Exchange Integrations

Reef Chain’s native token $REEF is already listed on some of the most prestigious crypto exchanges. This year, we would be working towards increased exchange integrations, to further encourage greater adoption of $REEF.

Reef Labs

We recently launched Reef Labs to help passionate developers bring their ideas to fruition. The program will support developers building on Reef Chain through all means possible, whether its technical knowhow, networking opportunities or even financial aid. We’re confident that this initiative will go a long way in attracting the best minds to Reef Chain.


Reef had started out as a DeFi aggregator, offering the best investment opportunities from both centralized and decentralized sources all under one roof. And while we have expanded our scope of work, we remain equally passionate and committed to this vision.

This year, we will provide many more lucrative DeFi investment opportunities to our users, which will enable them to earn dividends on their assets in a risk-free manner.


A variety of teams are looking forward to deploying their Metaverses on Reef Chain, and have been thoroughly enjoyed by our community members. This year, more decentralized games will be joining the Reef family.

Armed with exceptionally high transaction efficiency and extremely low transaction costs, the Reef platform is ideally suited to the needs of modern day Web3 games. With more technical upgrades in the works, we will soon see a thriving gaming ecosystem developed on Reef Chain.


From the onset, Reef has focussed on building valuable partnerships with important players of the blockchain industry, so that we could work together towards our shared goals. This year, we are focussing significantly more on the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

We are in the process of identifying players in these regions who are out there to make a difference, and collaborate with them to create products and services which would provide much more value to the Reef community.


Reef Chain will support the integration of popular stablecoins on the Reef network. Users will be able to bridge their stablecoins over to Reef, and use them as payment for playing games, buying NFTs, and partaking in other activities on Reef Chain. We also have a team exploring the possibility of deploying Reef’s own stablecoin, and we hope this effort will be fruitful in helping expand the number of opportunities available to do various things on Reef Chain!

Developer Support

Dev Documentation

Reef wants to provide an extremely low barrier of entry for developers who are looking to build dApps on Reef Chain. We are creating more detailed text and video guides to make the onboarding experience as streamlined as possible. You can find the updated Reef documentation at


Our previous hackathons have been extremely well received by the developer community, and this year we have more hackathons on the list. Reef will be conducting both online and offline hackathons with great prizes on offer. Stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest information about hackathons.

Reef dApp University Program

Courses related to blockchain technology are being offered in various universities today, and we want to play our part in contributing to this cause. As part of the Reef dApp University Program, we will tie up with 20 top tier engineering universities in Phase 1 to share resources and technical knowhow. In Phase 2, our team will play a major role in students’ education.

Development Ambassadors

Reef has been searching for passionate developer community members who can function as ambassadors and make people aware of the various aspects of the Reef ecosystem. This year, we’re extending the program and are on the lookout for more developers to join as ambassadors. Don’t forget to apply if you think you qualify.

We have an eventful year ahead of us and an extensive roadmap to fulfill. Rest assured, we would need active participation of the Reef community as well to make Reef chain prosper. Spread the word, tell your friends about Reef, and check out the amazing applications that are being developed on Reef Chain.

We will publish more details about Reef roadmap for 2023 in the coming weeks as we work hard to iron out details, and begin to execute on all the items above and more! As always, stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest updates and news about Reef!