Reef partners with Gangsters Paradise to broaden its NFT and Metaverse ventures.

Reef partners with Gangsters Paradise to broaden its NFT and Metaverse ventures.

Reef is empowering its ventures into NFTs and Metaverses by entering a brand new collaboration with Gangsters Paradise, a multi-chain NFT metaverse.

Gangsters Paradise, as the name suggests, is an ecosystem for Gangster- and Mob-themed experiences, housing numerous games and NFT collections designed with the likeness of the old classics such as The Sopranos, Godfather, and more. This partnership also marks the coming together of two outstanding blockchains since it is built on Solana.

Reef Chain is a layer-1 blockchain that aims to become paramount for projects launching in the DeFi, NFTs, and gaming space, and this partnership is one of the many steps it took to achieve that. It offers high scalability and speed in transactions that are cost-effective and environment-friendly. These feats are over what other blockchains are currently offering, making the Reef Chain a superior blockchain for next-gen DApps.

Resulting of this partnership will be the launch of Reef’s NFT Marketplace in their in-metaverse galleries. In its metaverse, Gangsters Paradise hosts art galleries that include NFT collections and marketplaces built on different chains. Members of the metaverse can explore, buy, and sell NFTs directly from these galleries.

"This partnership is the foundational stone that will end up with the incorporation of Reef's dApps in Gangsters Paradise metaverse"  --  Nicolás Verderosa , Co-founder/CEO of Gangsters Paradise.

“Our partnership with Gangsters Paradise expands opportunities and helps cater to the industry's growing demands for NFTs, Metaverse, and GameFi. We are a blockchain for next-gen DApps, and collaborations like these affirm our promise to further Web3 and make it accessible to all.” - Denko Mancheski, CEO & Founder of Reef.

This partnership will significantly benefit both communities and further their efforts in the NFT, gaming, and metaverse spaces, one of the many partnerships that affirm our goals in revolutionizing Web3.

About Reef

Reef is an EVM-first blockchain designed to make Web3 accessible for the next billion users. Reef offers high scalability, affordable transactions, and utilizes Nominated Proof of Stake, extensible EVM, and on-chain upgradability. Reef is the future blockchain for NFTs, DeFi, and gaming. It can easily accommodate the needs of the future of Web3 development. Reef is an ideal blend of old and new, a trait that makes it eternal and timeless.

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About Gangsters Paradise

Gangsters Paradise NFT Metaverse is an expansive world where gangs battle to defend their territory. Unique NFT collections for different gangs and factions will be released and function as playable avatars in-game. Gangsters Paradise NFT Metaverse is subdivided into player-owned plots of land that are represented as NFTs on the blockchain. Creators are free to build structures, their own dApps, and games on plots of land they own. Players will be able to access Gangsters Paradise Metaverse using their choice of mobile, computer, or VR headset.

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