Reef Q2 Report: Reliable Growth, Extensible Programs, Greater Efficiency & the Fastest Expansion

Reef Q2 Report: Reliable Growth, Extensible Programs, Greater Efficiency & the Fastest Expansion

Another successful quarter, following the mega Q1 hit, concludes at Reef with notable milestones like Reef Chain integration on Binance, Staking Program, Reef card rollout, 230K+ followers on Twitter, and more.

Celebrating our progress, robust community support, and all our successes over the past three months, we present a quick snapshot of Reef Q2.


  • Reef Chain integration on one of the top exchanges, Binance.
  • $REEF deposits support added on Coinbase Custody.
  • Reef partnered with Multichain (previously AnySwap), Openfabric, and OnFinality.
  • $REEF Staking program launched on Binance with up to 119.79% APY.
  • The first NFT marketplace on Reef Chain, Sqwid
  • Launched community programs: Guards of Honor & Reef Diver
  • Call for Artists: Artists selected from the community to co-work with NFT projects, soon to be launched on Reef Chain
  • Released dApp Academy tutorials, Reef Browser extension updates, technical updates, and Reef Card updates.
  • Reef featured in the Binance Learn & Earn Program.
  • Reef participated in various events: Web3 Growth Marketing Meetup, The Capital 2022 by CMC, NFT Berlin, Twitter Spaces sessions, and AMA with Binance Türkiye & Hypersign.

Let’s take a deeper dive into Reef Q2!

Reef Chain Integration on Binance

Right after one month from Binance Blockchain Week 2022, where we strengthened our connection and showed the world the true potential of Reef, Reef Chain integration on Binance came to completion on April 28. One of the most significant milestones for the Reef team and our community, this achievement motivated us to bring even the best for all in Web3 space.

Read more about this here.

$REEF Deposits support added on Coinbase Custody

Towards the end of April, Coinbase Custody added support for deposits and withdrawals of $REEF tokens. This support allowed $REEF users a seamless experience while accessing a more secure and offline storage solution.

Read more about this here.


Multichain: Multichain (previously Anyswap) started cooperation with Reef following Reef Chain’s integration to their cross-chain router protocol to allow excellent benefits to the users. This partnership focused on allowing users to seamlessly bridge assets using Multichain.

Read more about this here!

Openfabric: This strategic partnership with Openfabric is aimed at empowering developers to create cutting-edge and next-gen dApps with AI and ML algorithms. Openfabric’s new ecosystem will allow AI apps and web3 developers to seamlessly connect to Reef’s EVM-compatible blockchain to build their dApps efficiently and affordably.

Read more about this here!

OnFinality: An Saas platform and Polkadot’s leading blockchain infrastructure provider, OnFinality and Reef partnered early this June. Focused on making Web3 development 100x faster and easier, this partnership unfolds various benefits for developers from the broad node marketplace and allows Reefians to access a valuable node service.

Read more about this here!


$REEF Staking on Binance: After Reef Chain’s integration on Binance, we launched a $REEF staking program with up to 119.79% APY. The 30/60 days options sold out in a flash, with 36,000+ total stakers in week 1 alone. We also announced new quota limits for $REEF and locked staking 30/60 days options. Check it out now to win from a pool of 10,400,000 $REEF (for early eligible users).

Read more about this here!

First NFT Marketplace on Reef Chain, Sqwid

Sqwid, an advanced NFT marketplace with an ocean of possibilities for users and artists, launched on Reef’s Layer 1 blockchain and became the first NFT project in our ecosystem. Designed artistically with an attractive UI, Sqwid offers radically distinctive features, unlike various existing NFT marketplaces. Sqwid allows users to get loans against NFTs, and support files up to 100 MB, the lowest fees, custom royalty splits, and much more!

Read more about Sqwid here!

Community Programs

Call for Artists: Through a massive campaign that ran around the time of ETHDenver, Reef took the initiative to allow the creative heads in our community an opportunity to be featured on different upcoming NFT marketplaces on Reef. The campaign concluded successfully in March with countless applications, and we received some of the finest entries. Narrowing down this list was a challenge for the team, but we did it, and the final selection for Call for Artists went live early in May.

Check it out here!

Reef Community Guards of Honor: Our community, the backbone of our ecosystem, is rooting for Reef day and night. To celebrate their remarkable contribution to Reef’s continuous expansion, we announced a program, Community Guard of Honor. Through this program, we acknowledged and honored some of the biggest supporters of Reef Chain with the title and rewards.

To learn more, please visit:

Reef Divers: By launching Reef Diver, a new and improved ambassador program, Reef welcomed 27 Reef Divers from our community who share some specific attributes. A Reef Diver’s role focuses around representing Reef in various social and online communities, helping in enhanced communication with global communities, and more.

Read more about Reef Divers here!


dApp Academy Tutorials: To enhance developers’ experience on Reef, we released two dApp Academy tutorials on our YouTube channel on Deploy and Interact with Contracts using Hardhat & Claim an EVM Address. In these video guides, Phil, our Software Architect, demonstrated the process of completing each task on the Reef Chain, which aims to help developers while building.

Reef Browser Extension: With new visual updates, we updated the Reef Browser extension with some new features to elevate user experience while maintaining a high level of safety. Reef Browser extension is one of the easiest ways to create accounts that you can access from any browser on the internet.

Read more about Reef Browser extension here!

Technical Updates: Summarizing all the recent technical accomplishments, we released a technical report that included updates on Reef App, Reef Explorer (Reefscan), V14, Reef JS SDK, Reef UI Kit, and more. The blog also covers other relevant news and updates from the entire ecosystem.

Read more about it here!

Reef Card Rollout: As we completed various tests and development of Reef Card, we shared the first look of this long-anticipated card with the community. The video demonstrates transaction testing, completed smoothly in no time.

Watch the video now!

Reef got featured on Binance’s EduFi program, Learn & Earn, which focuses on onboarding a greater audience on the crypto landscape by helping them learn about the space and different crypto projects with opportunities to win rewards. This feature remarkably allowed us to spread the word about Reef and our mission to a greater audience.

Read about this feature!


Reef constantly participates in different events in different communities and forums to spread the word about our ecosystem. On a mission to make DeFi easy and accessible for all with fast, scalable, secure, low transaction costs, this Q2, Reef attended various events:

  • Web3 Growth Marketing Meetup
  • The Capital 2022 by CMC
  • NFT Berlin
  • Twitter Spaces session
  • AMA with Binance Türkiye and Hypersign

That’s all for Q2, but buckle up as a lot more is coming your way this Q3.

Stay tuned, and never miss any update from Reef!