Technical Update: 15 Aug - 15 Sep 2022.

Technical Update: 15 Aug - 15 Sep 2022.

Reef’s Technical Update is a newsletter aiming to break down and represent the technical changes, integrations, and news from the whole ecosystem in a language that all community members can understand.


  • Binance has been added to the list of validators on the Reef Chain. Binance will now directly contribute to the growth of Reef Chain by validating transactions and enhancing its security.
  • Sqwid NFT Marketplace is going live for everyone soon. Check it out here.
  • $REEF enters US Markets as it got listed on BinanceUS. REEF/USD, REEF/USDT trading pairs are available.
  • $REEF has entered the 183rd Rank on CoinMarketCap.

Ecosystem & Partners

  • Reef has Partnered with Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) so every user can get automatic notification when they bridge assets through Reef Chain.
  • The next Community Guards of Honour have been announced.
  • Reef Hosted an AMA with BRN Metaverse to learn more about integration with Reef Chain and plans for the future.
  • MEXC Futures will be launching the REEF/USDT pair on their platform.
  • $REEF/USDT pair got listed on Biconomy Exchange.
  • Reef team members went to Barcelona to attend FireblockHQ SPARK user conference. Many more partnerships on the way.
  • Reef and DystoWorld join forces to integrate their ecosystem products on the Reef Chain.
  • Reef had a telegram live AMA session with Crypto Miners where our Operations lead Derek Silva answered questions related to Reef Chain.
  • Reef is pleased to onboard JungleRace, a P2E racing game as part of Reef's $20 million Grants Program.
  • $REEF got listed on Changelly, a non-custodial cryptocurrencies exchange with more than 400+ digital assets.
  • $REEF got listed on StealthEx where you can do a cross-chain swap with 450+ tokens.
  • $REEF is now supported as a payment option on UQUID, a Web 3.0 shopping platform.
  • BRN Metaverse is set to launch its ambitious Metaverse Game and NFT collection on Reef Chain soon.
  • Our CEO, Denko Mancheski pens down his thoughts about the current Bear Market. Do take a look here.
  • Reef hosted a workshop in collaboration with Sqwid App where we deep-dived into learning more about Sqwid and how to create an NFT collection.
  • Reef Hosted two more workshops where users learned to create a Full Stack dApp on Reef Chain as well as creating a DAO smart contract from scratch.
  • Renowned YouTuber Mad Investor talked about the benefits of Reef Card.


  • Reef-app has a new Swap and DEX pools UI where you can trade and manage liquidity.
  • Reef app has integrated new components and updated fixes to DEX trading.
  • Binance Connect is gonna support credit card fiat on-ramp to Reef mainnet.
  • Browser-extension dApps can now integrate much easier with just using injected Signer from a selected account. We also integrated EVM connect in account creation flow and usage of new components.
  • Reef util lib is a new framework agnostic library that is simplifying development for Reef chain.
  • React lib has updated component design which are making UI nicer and more intuitive.