Technical Update: First Fortnight of July

Reef’s Technical Update is a bi-weekly newsletter aiming to break down and represent the technical changes, integrations and news from the whole ecosystem in a language that all community members can understand.

Technical Update: First Fortnight of July


  • Reef Chain is now part of the CMC Community by CoinMarketCap. Keep a track of all our latest updates, news, articles, and posts here
  • Get your wallets ready with some $REEF tokens as Sqwid, the first NFT marketplace built on Reef will be going live soon
  • Reef announced the much awaited Reef Card early adopter program powered by BaanxGroup

Ecosystem & Partners

  • Checkout what the Reef Ecosystem is BUIDLing amidst the bleeding red market. Here’s a list of things from our CEO & Founder, Denko Mancheski
  • SoulsOfMeta a cross-game multi-chain Fun-2-Earn fantasy gaming metaverse of Blades and Sorcery is integrating with Reef
  • Want to understand why Reef is a Gen III blockchain? Here is a crisp explanation from Reef team
  • What makes Reef different from other Blockchians? Here’s a sweet and simple explanation
  • Reef hosted a twitter space session where our CEO & Founder, Denko Mancheski deep dived into what’s going on inside the Reef ecosystem.
  • The Reef team keeps building no matter what. So here is a sneak peak of Reef Swap. Projects are welcome to discuss listing on ReefSwap here


  • Reef Chain

Reef Chain is getting ready for v9 launch. Expect to see it soon.

  • Reef-React-Library

Initialization to get signers, tokens and NFTs have been simplified.

  • Reef UI Kit

New components have been added to easily bootstrap Reef dApps and have a unified look and feel.

  • Reef Explorer

Some visual updates and bug fixes have been made.

  • Reef Browser Extension

The switch between testnet and mainnet has been improved.