Technical Update: Second Fortnight of July

Technical Update: Second Fortnight of July

Reef’s Technical Update is a bi-weekly newsletter aiming to break down and represent the technical changes, integrations, and news from the whole ecosystem in a language that all community members can understand.


  • Reef hosted its first hands-on workshop where attendees learned to Deploy their ERC-20 token on the Reef Chain. This was the first one in a series of workshops that Reef will be hosting to help people BUIDL on Reef.
  • Reef welcomed Chitransh Gupta as the newest member of Developer Relations who will be working on ensuring a fantastic Developer experience on Reef Chain.

Ecosystem & Partners

  • Reef’s very own Derek Silva talked about Reef Chain on the DApp Radar Podcast hosted by Ben Gothard.
  • Reef’s Head of Growth, Cassie Doubleday talked about the Reef Card launch and the future plans in a Twitter Spaces hosted by the Baanx group.
  • Reef successfully completes Q2. Check out the blog here to see the notable milestones.
  • The next country to reap the benefits of the Reef Card is Germany.
  • Reef had an AMA with Binance where our CEO & Founder, Denko Mancheski deep dived into explaining some crucial developments happening in Reef Ecosystem.
  • Reef team members attended the Blockchain Economy conference in Istanbul and met with the BRN metaverse team.
  • Reef is hosting a Twitter Spaces in collaboration with Mapleblock to talk about the Reef Ecosystem & more.


  • Reef-Chain

Much-awaited v9 has been released to the Testnet.

  • Mobile App

A basic MVP for iOS and Android is ready. The Beta version should be released. soon.

  • UI-Kit

The Reef UI Kit for easy and consistent development of dApp on Reef has been released.

  • Reef-Explorer

The indexer has been upgraded and adapted to v9 to support higher bps indexing.

  • Reef-Card-Manager-App

The app has been released to manage the Reef Credit Card.

  • Reef-App

The design of ReefSwap pools trading platform is being implemented.