The Evolution of NFT Games

The Evolution of NFT Games

The word NFT isn't strange to crypto and blockchain users anymore. Recently, NFTs which represent non-fungible tokens have stolen the show in the world of blockchain. NFTs are digital items that are created uniquely or minted. This makes them distinct and rare in the blockchain space. They can be utilized as game characters, kits, consumables, and other tradeable items in the gaming ecosystem.

One key feature that has stirred the growth of NFT games is the ability of players to earn rewards, which is known as the play-to-earn (P2E) NFT game model. With this model, users can earn rewards and collectibles in the game and then sell to other players, or on the market in exchange for crypto tokens. The crypto tokens received can then be sold for fiat, if the user chooses.

Let’s take a look at the evolution of NFT games and the top NFT games available right now.

The Evolution of NFT Games

It all started with crypto kitties. Crypto kitties were the first famous NFT game that captured the attention of tons of users. The game's framework enabled users to breed virtual kittens. Players could then sell the kittens that have been bred and cash out. The model closely replicated real-life situations.

The world of Game-Fi has advanced since 2017 and users have seen improved versions of previous models. Lately, though, more NFT games have come to the limelight and even overshadowed multiple projects. Axie Infinity is one such project that has dominated the blockchain space recently.

Blockchains NFT Games Can Be Built On

Many developers build NFT games on the Ethereum Network. It is the most popular blockchain network for developers. Another network with similar popularity is the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. The BSC network is more cost-effective to build and utilize. The Solana Chain has also proved to be a great platform for building NFT games as well as other blockchain projects.

How NFT Games Work

NFT games use NFT principles and mechanisms. They are different from other NFTs because they require more than merely storing a digital collectible in a wallet. Most NFT games require active participation on the part of the user as player interaction is a core element of the framework.

During gaming, players may find tradeable collectibles that could be sold for profit. Also, the P2E model enables players to earn from the games. Usually, the more a user plays and the more wins he gets, the more his earnings.

While players can earn some cash or tokens from game-fi, there is usually no fixed estimated income.

The amount of money you can earn depends on several factors such as how often the game is played, the market demand, and the scarcity of collectibles and tokens. It is also possible for gamers to lose money while playing NFT games. This depends on the gaming model and the market forces at a particular time. Individuals who intend to delve into the game-fi world are advised to invest only an amount they can afford to lose.

The smart contracts for any NFT game created by the developers simulate the rules for any game. Thus, the pieces of code stored in a game's blockchain govern how its NFTs can be swapped, minted, or implemented.

Top NFT Games Right Now

There are many NFT games available, but only a few have caught the attention of the masses. In most cases, the games with the best rewards, graphics, and action grab a huge chunk of the gaming market.

The market value of crypto tokens associated with NFT games has also been on the rise recently. Currently, Axie Infinity, Sorare, Sandbox, and Alien Worlds have dominated the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Axie Infinity

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The game model is similar to that of the famous Pokémon game. Axie infinity though is more exciting and engaging, according to the reviews from players. The game enables users to collect and breed characters known as Axies. Axies are in turn used to battle other players and users earn rewards for winning. The rewards collected are SLP and AXS tokens which are available on multiple exchanges.


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It is not strange that a football game makes the list of the top NFT games. Sorare is a fantasy football game built on the Ethereum Network (ETH Chain). Football players have cards that can be collected and traded by users. The tokenized cards are based on an ERC-721 standard on the ETH chain. Gamers earn rewards for winning games, scoring goals, and completing events.


Sandbox is a 3D game similar in model to the popular Roblox and Minecraft games. Gamers can create and animate gaming items. These items can then be sold or exchanged for crypto tokens. The native token of the Sandbox ecosystem is SAND. This token is available on major exchanges.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a game-fi product that stirs gamers to compete for its native token, TLM. The game involves economic competition between various players who have the goal of exploring other planets and discovering aliens. Gamers have to acquire as many TLM tokens as possible to boost their gaming strength and increase their chances of winning.


Playing games has always been fun. What is even more fun is earning some money or tokens while having fun. Blockchain games have stirred a shift in paradigm in the gaming world. Today, users can earn valuable collectibles or in-game items that can be exchanged for crypto assets.

More so, users can profit from actively participating in gaming challenges. With the fascinating developments in the gaming world, game-fi and NFT fans can only hope for even more exciting and rewarding blockchain gaming models soon.